IP DECT phones


Newest Yealink IP DECT system contains new base station W60B and W56H handset

134,00 €


New mid level model with up to 8 concurrent calls: base station W60B and W53H handset

122,00 €


Scalable wireless SIP phone system with rich features. DECT base station and one handset

108,00 €


Additional handset for W60B / SIP-W56P. One base station can register 5-8 handsets

83,50 €


Additional handset for W60B / SIP-W53P. One base station can register 5-8 handsets

80,00 €


Additional handset for W60B / SIP-W52P. One base station can register 5-8 handsets

70,00 €

DECT base W60B

Newest IP DECT base station supports up to 8 W56H, W53H or W52H handsets with 8 concurrent calls

70,00 €


Wireless DECT desk phone: T41S + DECT bazna stanica W60B + DD10K dongle. Connect up to 8 handsets to the base station

215,50 €

DECT repeater RT30

Extends DECT signal range of W52P/W53P/W56P/W60B IP DECT systems

139,00 €


DECT dongle for connecting IP phones T41S/T42S to W60B base station

18,00 €

Protective case for W56H

Basic protection from dust and scratches for SIP-W56H

13,50 €

Protective case for W53H

Protection from fall, water, dust and scratches for SIP-W53H

18,00 €


Wireless DECT Conference Phone

537,00 €