Video conference

VC800 (Phone/Wireless)

Superior videoconferencing system with advanced features and support for up to 24 participants

7.169,50 €

VC500 (Phone/Wired)

Superior videoconferencing system for small and medium sized remote offices

5.377,00 €


4K videoconference endpoint with advanced features for smaller rooms

1.433,50 €


Full HD videoconferencing endpoint for remote offices

2.777,48 € 1.613,50 €

VC Desktop Software

Personal video collaboration software for laptop / desktop

54,00 €


3.584,50 €

VC Mobile (free)

Android and iOS videoconferencing mobile app

Free Download

Yealink Meeting Server

 Making Meeting Simpler - Anyone, Any Device, Anywhere

Available on request


High-quality wireless content sharing with just one tap

269,00 €

VC800 8 site license

VC800 license enables 8-way video conferencing

1.792,50 €

VC800 16 site license

VC800 license enables 16-way video conferencing

3.584,50 €

VC800 24 site license

VC800 license enables 24-way video conferencing

8.962,00 €


A Revolutionary Video Collaboration Phone

641,00 €


Android, color touchscreen, HD camera, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, USB call recording

658,74 € 527,00 €